A little key was I
Felt myself being carved
And intricately shaped
To fit into the lock.
The locksmith held me
In his hands, big and rough
Warm and experienced
Leathery and tough.
He held me tight
And then slipped me down
Into his pocket
And I was jiggled around.
He then put me in a box
And took me into town
Dropped me into someone's hand
And then he left.
I was stroked on my smooth surface
And then put into a lock
I fit perfectly and struggled
As I quickly moved it down.
I was pulled out fast as was in
And cradled in the hand
And was put inside the box
And hidden in the rosebushes.
Day after day, week after week
I unlocked the door
With my front, so sleek.
Finally I was lifted
Into a pocket
And went on a walk
To the park.
But then, my sharp exterior
Pierced through the interior
And made a hole through the pocket
And I fell.
There I was,
Inside the woods,
In the middle of the wild,
Lying where I never would
But I couldn't move
So I just stayed there
Days and weeks,
Months flew by
I spent all that time
Staring at the sky.
Squirrels nibbled me
Rain and snow fell
Years crept past
I did not do well.
I rusted, and I bended
And I even flaked a little
I was not gleaming shiny
I was simply just not me.
Finally, one day at last
I forgot about my past,
When a dear child came
Brushed off my dirt and muck
And held me in her hand
Just like I'd been held
On the day I was born