It was a cloud that was blocking my vision, I didn't notice it.
Maybe it was tears, or maybe it wasn't. I didn't know what it was.
But I did know that it was there.
As I tried to repicture all those moments in my life when the glory was upon me,
Something blocked my vision; something didn't let me see it.

If it wasn't me under the spotlight I tried to think happy thoughts about when it was me.
But something blocked my vision; something didn't let me see it.
But when the spotlight was on me, the moment of my life, I had all the glory in my world that I had wished for.
I danced and sang in my heart, and I remembered all the times when the glory was upon me.
The time I played main part in our schools play.
That time I sang a solo for our show.
The time I danced in public, with all eyes on me.
And that's when I remembered, all the good things about me.

But when its not me under spotlight, I can't handle all the facts.
And I try to recapture, the times that it was me.
But something blocked my vision; something didn't let me see it.
I tried to think the thoughts, of the time that it was me.
But I couldn't, something just didn't let me see.
I wondered what it was, that was blocking up my thoughts.
Was it a cloud, tears, a raindrop? I just didn't really know.

Then one day it happened that I saw her in my dream.
All my friends were under spotlights, and they sang a happy tune.
They sang about some hardships, how they overcame their fears.
Then they left me, and I tried to blink back tears.
Something inside me realized that it's not just only me.
Every one is special, and needs to have glory.
I tried to shake myself awake, of that fake but vivid dream
But something didn't let me, something blocked my way.

One girl stepped forth a microphone in hand and sang right up to me:
"Dear Friend it's time you realize, that not everything is you. Sometimes you don't get honor, sometimes the spotlight is on me"
Then all the girls sang along and said "So give us all your courage, all that faith you have inside, show us that you realize, it's not always you. When someone else is in the spotlight, you can share with them their joy, and when it's you, you must remember that you're not the only one, everyone is special and needs their time"
Then in a cloud, they disappeared and I sat up in my bed
I knew what was blocking me, every time inside my head.
It was my G‑dly soul inside of me that told me time and again." It's not only you who needs glory, everyone's a gem"

And it was then that I realized, everyone has their time,
I must give it to them wisely, and appreciate their gift.
It was not me under the spotlight, but my very favorite friend.
I stopped and watched spellbound, as she performed up there on stage.
Nothing blocked my vision, not a cloud or some tears. Because I saw what was true inside of her, that i had missed all these years
Now I know it wasn't clouds, or even was it tears.
I know, just what it was, don't you agree?