Editor’s Note: Writing is something that I strongly believe everyone should do as it is such a powerful means of expression. My eight year old daughter, Nava, is just starting to really be able to share her ideas and thoughts through writing, and recently she was introduced in school to poetry and rhyme. The following poem is something she wrote for me for Mother’s Day and to thank her and encourage all young girls and boys to recognize the power of their words, I am presenting it here for you…

Today is Mother’s Day
It’s great for you to go out
With your kids and play
You get gifts and rest
Because you know that you are
Loved best from the rest

Some go to the zoo
And see a kangaroo
And get a balloon
When you find a raccoon

At the end of the day
You wish you can stay
You say to your mommy
I love you, thank you for the trips
I go into the car
And give my mommy a kiss with my lips