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The Young Poetess

Ages 17 and Under


I sit at my royal throne
as I’m given a second soul to refine my connection
I’m away from Jews, all alone

You are a Bully
You are a Bully
You try to control me,
To choose what I do.
I listen because
You are a Bully.
Finding Identity
Sometimes i look around,
And wish i wasn’t me,
If only i was her,
I would be happy.
Thanks Mom
There is a stage of life,
When nothing is quite good,
It's all just one big fake,
Nothing as it should.

Freedom: Above the Clouds?
High above the clouds, amongst the clouded sky, Living a life above all beings, she let out a tired sigh
Gems Unjingled
Forever Young
Always Mine
No one can prevail.
Lost in disappointment
Moshiach is Near
A line that never ends
Goes far out to sea
And lingers there
Amongst salt and fear
For all eternity
Vision of Yours
Far from me
Yet so close
I see your vision
Those thousands
of people...
Slice of Life
A young girl
With big brown eyes
Once came up to me
And asked
Please may I have a
Slice of life?
A Little Key Was I
A little key was I
Felt myself being carved
And intricately shaped
To fit into the lock.
Women of Inspiration
I close my eyes and fall back
rejoining the strong women of my history...
One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
There once was a man living in the States,
Who had not enough riches to enter the gates.
So he took what he had, some plastic scraps,
And bent down in shelter to live with the rats.
Sunshine in the Rain
Though the we've gone through so much pain
So much distress and suffering
We still see sunshine in the rain

Choose Life
If it's possible that we can sink so low, then we can rise so high. I like believing in the novelty that everything in life corresponds to the concept of it and therefore to the spiritual purpose behind it...
It was a cloud that was blocking my vision, I didn't notice it.
Maybe it was tears, or maybe it wasn't. I didn't know what it was.
But I did know that it was there.
As I tried to repicture all those moments in my life when the glory was upon me,
Something blocked my vision; something didn't let me see it.
I Smile
I smile when
The sun shines
On the silver dimes
They flicker
They glimmer
I smile
The sun burns down,
On the old lazy town.
The flowers have bloomed,
For My Mommy
Today is Mother’s Day
It’s great for you to go out
With your kids and play
You get gifts and rest
Because you know that you are
Loved best from the rest
A stone full of emotion In the heart now set in motion
A block rolled down a stone
As she whimpers in a soft tone
Blocking up her feelings for so long
Feeling like she didn’t belong
Rage is taking over
This is no emotion
Pure pride with a cover
Works like a potion
Judaism Means...
More than a book,
a Torah or two,
more than just
reciting prayers
in a foreign language
I Miss Them
As I light my candles.
I know.
I know that in a house somewhere there's no one lighting...
A Dream Come True
In the dark streets
My heart beats
I ask myself
When is Moshiach going to come?
One Last Hope
As we mourn together in pain,
Self-absorbed- not wanting to gain.
How can we move on?
See life unfold while they are gone.
A Ride To Reality
How can you just pretend
and lie to yourself
when the truth is
everything you think
is not true
it's fantasy
it's fiction
it's fake
and when you know
you're about to break
One Little Girl
I stare
at the painting
in which my grandmother is depicted
waiting for the memories
to come
A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
The songs of Zion call us
A melody of hope, of peace
A Shir-HaShirim [Song of Songs] to our land
The place for us to live, to feast
Freedom Express
When I am lost in my brain,
I sob for an exit or a chance
And for all those who say I am insane.
I lay here, drowning in the mind dance
I See
A reflection on the Merkaz Harav terror attack that claimed the lived of eight Jewish boys.
Take a Moment
unable to grasp
yet it grasps you
every minute stays with you
My Guardian Angel
With every visit,
every passing,
life went by a little too fast,
every night and every day,
I felt the pain when you went away
Along a Broken Sea
They tell me there’s a place
Along a broken sea
Where my heart is beating
Ethereal Door
Our hearts are doomed to beat and break
And I know that with every breath I take,
I owe it all to you!
The year is flying quickly by
It waits for none at all
Made us of, or just left alone
Time passes by, unstoppable, unknown
Does G-d Have Friends?
Does G-d have friends to stand by his side?
Does G-d have friends to help him when he cries?
Does G-d have friends he can trust and tell everything to?
My Special Brother
There is a special hand I have been given to hold, warm and loving and gentle.
It pains me when I hear people scorn this loving soul.
When I cry he asks me why,
I cannot tell him.
The following poem was written for an 8th grade school assignment in a Wisconsin public school where the students had been studying about the Holocaust...
Open Our Eyes
She peeks into the valley
From which all she can see.
Silence seeps into the night.
She obscures behind the dark curtain.
Will You Be With Me Forever?
"Will you be with me forever, Grandma?"
she whispered,
her breath was hot on my face,
my hands clammed up,
tears streaming down my wrinkles,
Beyond the Horizon
My throat feels tight,
My eyes are about to burst, but I wont let them spill,
I wont, I can’t
Shabbat Shalom
At the end of my week,
When life is a blur of speed,
There is Shabbat
Under His Wings
Where is the place,
Where no fears arise,
or doubts dismay?
As the trees swing their branches
Violently in the roaring wind
Dust and dirt getting in your eyes
Preventing you from being able to see
The path to your home