A stone full of emotion In the heart now set in motion
A block rolled down a stone
As she whimpers in a soft tone
Blocking up her feelings for so long
Feeling like she didn’t belong
It didn’t work, she had to cry
She couldn’t try
No one can understand,
What she truly wanted to demand
Someone to hug, to feel the pain
Yet that word, is just a name
No one to feel how hard she cried
Oh if only they would try!
She can't stand in public crying
Like my sister who pretends shes dying
She bottles up her emotion inside
Not letting them go to the outside
And when she goes to a private place
Where she can be alone in all her grace
She tries so hard to hold back tears
That she healed back for so many years
It didn’t work, she had to cry
She couldn’t try, she couldn’t try.
But when those salty tears slid down her cheek
She truly felt them leak
It opened up her heart inside
And she let out an open sigh
It felt so good oh just to cry
To let out all that pain inside
It didn’t work, she had to cry.