There once was a man living in the States,
Who had not enough riches to enter the gates.
So he took what he had, some plastic scraps,
And bent down in shelter to live with the rats.

One day an angel came down from above,
Saw the poor man and was filled up with love.
So he sent the poor man forward in time,
Where any diamond was worth less than a dime.

The man was confused, where he was he didn’t know,
So he took his scraps and went to a show.
Where hundreds of people would instantly buzz,
He asked one of them where exactly he was.

The person replied, “Why, you’re in Bangoo!
The very best place since 3002.
But now our economy went down the drain,
None of our people have money to gain.”

So the man asked, “What do you have?”
The person was confused, he started to laugh.
He threw them on the ground in distaste,
“Diamonds of course!” he said with great haste.

The man picked them up, and started to smile,
He found more on the ground while walking a mile.
He soon had a mountain of riches behold,
But soon he realized it had become cold.

He sat on the ground, not happy at all,
And soon he felt extremely small.
For what use are diamonds or gold,
In a world where they are far too old?

So he started to cry, he had no gain,
He was back to the poverty which had caused him pain.
Even in a different land,
He was destined to be a very poor man.

And the angel looked down, he too was sad,
He thought he did good but indeed he did bad.
So he brought the man back to the States,
Where he hoped the diamonds would give him estates.

And it was true the man was wealthy,
He was the richest man he could be.
And he gave out his diamonds and his gold,
To all who were hungry, tired and cold.

Now learn from this lesson, for it is understood,
That even rich people have to be good.
Now blessed with riches, he no longer was sad,
The man was happy with what he had.