"Here I give you a blessing and a curse, life and death. Choose life."

If it's possible that we can sink so low, then we can rise so high. I like believing in the novelty that everything in life corresponds to the concept of it and therefore to the spiritual purpose behind it.

Just as the sun rises in the east
Just as night veils it from the west,
Just as intangible as is peace,
Just as ships sail in their quests

Just as water covers the earth,
And it doesn't drown within,
Just as tomorrow brings rebirth,
And vanquishes its sin.

As arms can reach above our minds
And also to the dust on the earth abhor
As the desire to kill is below mankind
But the same energy can save a world at war.

But only the subliminal,
Can fall and raise the same,
Because only the perpetual
Is not limited to a name.

For it is compared to a Waterfall that begins on a peak
And dares to fall so low
And yet it's the same water of which we speak
That descends unchanged by the course of its flow.

We were given a choice to unfold,
The guidance to survive
"I give you a blessing and a curse"
We are told to
"Choose life."