Once upon a time, there was a little creature who lived in a one-dimensional known as a line. That was okay for him, since he was also only one-dimensional and what you don't know can't hurt you. Although it could sometimes get you pretty confused. As it did that one day when our hero decided to go on an adventure and investigate his world. Since there are only two paths you can take in a one-dimensional world—forward or backward—he took one of them and travelled bravely forward, leaving his tale behind, but stretching ever so much further and further forward until, to his great surprise, he came across nothing less than...his own tail!

"Now, how could that be," he thought, "that I have moved forward, not backward, and come across my own tail?" But it was a problem that he could never be expected to solve, for only with knowledge of a higher dimension could the solution be available to him. And so, there he sits ever since, in utter wonder, forming a perfect samech. For the line upon which our hero lived, you see, was a circle.

Really, there are three kinds of secrets: Fake secrets, Mem secrets and Samech secrets.

A fake secret is the kind of secret that people have put away and are holding for themselves, because they are afraid of what others might do if their secret is discovered. So these are not really secrets at all, since, if they would be discovered, everyone would know them.

A mem secret lies in a closed box sitting firmly on the ground and moving nowhere. There's a little opening to get inside, but no one notices, because it seems just so closed. These are the real secrets, for even if you would let them out and leave them lying around, even if you would announce them to the entire world, only a tiny few would take notice, those to whom those secrets truly belong. These are the secrets of those lonely souls that know they exist and that there is something, another dimension of being, transcendent of our own; that they are a smaller thing within a larger one; a child instance of a parent event.

For there are really only two kinds of beings, those that exist, and those that exist and are aware that they exist. And there are really only two kinds of consciousness: to be conscious, and to be conscious that you are conscious. Only to the second category do mem secrets belong; only they will notice and treasure them.

Then there are the samech secrets. A samech is a circle that has no beginning or end, neither has it any opening and it cannot stand in one place. It is the essential mystery of all things, and yet it is available to all. Even the small child perceives the wonder and mystery of all things; it is only the complicated mind of the adult that may lose that forest of wonder among the trees of explanations and reason. Yet even he will inevitably return, if not in the quiet years of later life, then in the moment of parting from this world, to see that none of it lay in his hand for the taking.

For all of us, there is a dimension which we can never grasp, the dimension that lies beyond our being.