You think it's pretty silly of a grandfather kabbalist to run around with his granddaughter on his shoulders. I could go the kinetic-experiential learning route with you. But instead, let me fill you in on the kabbalistic implications of having a Miri on a Zaidy's shoulders:

Zaidy is a vav. Sixth letter of the alefbet. That's the six sefirot Chesed, Gevurah, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod. Six modalities of the Infinite Light in creating a world. Reflected in the microcosm of the human psyche as six modalities of human emotion:

1. Benevolence 2. Judgment 3. Beauty

4. Competitiveness 5. Surrender 6. Connection.

Miri is a yud, which in this case is the sefira of Malchut. Dominion. Being a king over your world. As in, taking effective action, really doing something. Nice feelings and noble intentions are so nice and noble, but unless they blossom into action, they just whither away and surrender to the wind with the autumn leaves. Malchut, then, is where it all happens.

But wait! That should put the yud at the foot of the vav—since malchut is the final result of the six sefirot before it! Like a gimmel, chasing after the dalet to do some real good. But here's a zayin with the yyud on top! What's Miri, the yud, doing up on top of my vav shoulders?

So here's the secret. Once those nice feelings and good intentions pour down into solid action, an amazing thing happens: Your whole character is picked up to a new plane of being. Everything changes. You discover emotions and capabilities that you never imagined could be there. What's going on?

Here's where we need some deep Kabbalah. The Kabbalists explain that plain physical action—even though it's the last stop, ground floor level of the soul—taps into a place far beyond the conscious or even subconscious mind, to the essence-core of the human being, a place called "the crown" (Ketter, for your kabbalah-lingo buffs). From there, a whole new person can be shaped, an entire life can be transformed.

Which explains the meaning of the ancient, enigmatic kabbalistic koan, "Just do something!!!" Meaning: So what that there isn't a drop of hope left in your heart—just do, throw yourself into it like a mad horse, and suddenly you will discover that you are a king and the whole world falls in place at your command. A royal horsey-zaidy!