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The Key to Livelihood

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The Key to Livelihood

The Talmud declares that there are three keys that G-d reserves for Himself and does not entrust to even a divinely appointed agent. The Sages of the Land of Israel add a fourth: The key to making a living. This talk reveals the key to all the doors... (Likutei Sichos vol. 39)
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Elul 18, Giver and Recipient, Daled, Gimmel, Ki Tavo, Career; Earning a Living

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Hannia Moore New York September 7, 2017

Rabbi Yochanan -- and the those from the west Thanks for an interesting shi'ur. You mention the sages of the west this mad me wonder --
isn't R Yochanan also from the west (Eretz israel)?
Hannia Reply

leah August 1, 2017

This is a great shiur. I am litvish, but will be looking through the shiurim on this site, regularily now Reply

Devorah Mei Israel September 14, 2014

Shiur Rabbi Moishe New - you are the BEST acquisition Chabad ever made. You have a special gift to explain Torah the way no other rabbi has. May Hashem bless you.... Shana Tova Reply

Fr Dominic Borg,ocd Scarborough September 10, 2014

Beautifully explained... crystal clear.. Thanks for sharing your inspirational reflection. Baruch HaShem Reply

JAMES BRUSH MIAMI September 10, 2014

Livelyhood Excellent teaching. I receive it. Thank you Reply

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