You are probably wondering why the second letter we're doing is the sixth letter of the alefbet. Well, once we get to the Alef (coming up soon), you'll understand. Just hang in there.

Being #6 is pretty significant. There are six directions (because there are three dimensions and two directions within each dimension) which means that there are also six sides to a cube. And that is because G_d created the world in six days, which were extensions of the six modalities of light in the World of Atzilut, a.k.a The Six Midot (because the three Intellects did not descend into creation and Malchut is Shabbat) which are because G_d had in mind a creature with six modalities of emotion which is us—so He set the whole system up to get what He wanted.

Turns out that all of human expression can be reduced to some combination of six modalities, which are:


The Three Sensitive Modalities of Human Emotion (closer to Mind):

Chessed=Benevolence/Giving/Kindness/Positive Flow of Energy outwards and downwards

Gevurah=Might/Judgment/Severity/Negative Withholding of Energy and Withdrawal inward and upward

Tifferet=Beauty/Compassion/Truth/Balance of Opposites and life within paradox which is necessary to survive

The Three Instinctive Modalities of Human Emotion (further from Mind):

Netzach=Victory/The Drive to Win/Competitiveness/Overcoming and Conquering

Hod=Sense of Awe/Surrender/Submission/Restraint and Service

Yesod=Firm Foundation/Connection with other/Reaching to outside


When I taught Miri, I tried to embed a few deep truths in the lesson. Perhaps as she grows older she will find and unravel them.

Growing up and becoming a mature adult is all about drawing the Yud (which is Wisdom) into all these emotions. If there is no Yud there, then the Vav is "just a line" and the emotions are pitted against each other. Yud is that higher perspective of things, the sense of purpose that gives emotions meaning and shows a place for each one. Like a conductor to an orchestra, the Yud of Wisdom brings many diverse voices into collaboration to create a wonderful harmony.

Tzadikim are able to tune the strings of their emotions directly, like a guitarist tunes the six strings of his guitar. The rest of us can only work on our emotions indirectly, by focusing our thoughts, speech and especially our action on matters that are "good for the yud"--and thereby nourishing a health, flourishing vav. Then, when we connect with a Tzadik, he can do the rest and leave us with a finely tuned instrument to play through life.