Evil is darkness; nothing more than an absence of light.

It has no life of its own.

It is powered entirely by our fear of it, by our considering it a “something” that demands our response.

Evil is a terrorist, nursed on every spoonful of worry, encouraged with every glance of trepidation, fortified with every concession we make from our lives to acknowledge its threat—until it has soaked from us sufficient energy to rise brazenly and attack us with our own instruments.

So it is with the evil in the world, so it is with the destructive forces within each of us: When we stoop to conquer the evil within ourselves, we end up rolling with it in its mud.

To truly banish evil, you must march on the clouds and never look down. You must climb higher until you attain a place of light that leaves no crevice for evil to hide.

Lifted to that place, evil melts in surrender. For now it has fulfilled its purpose of being: to squeeze out the inner light of the human soul, a light that knows no bounds.

Mission accomplished, evil vanishes in the light it has called forth.

Likkutei Torah, Teitzei 35b; Maamar Ki Teitzei 5745; Torat Menachem 5751, vol. 4, pp. 213, 227.