In the beginning, G‑d spoke. And whatever He spoke crystallized into material form.

But what about that which He did not speak?

Those waited for the human mind to bring them into being.

When the human being first harnessed fire and bred animals and crops, he simply acted out a divine unspoken thought. The same with those inventors who developed the steam engine, the electric turbine, the radio, and the digital computer. Each creation makes its appearance at the appropriate time, all as choreographed from the beginning of time.

All that G‑d made, He made only for His glory, including these. They too, are vitalized by a spark of the divine. And it is up to us to liberate that spark and reconnect it to its origin, as it is found in the context of the Creator’s original plan.

Likutei Sichot, volume 15, page 45ff.