There are no things. The experience of a world of static objects is an illusion. There are only words—a constant flow of meaning generating an entire universe anew at every moment.

There is no world. Abandon the notion that there is a G‑d who created a world outside of Himself as an artisan fashions an artifact.

There is only the energy of being, flowing continuously outward from the Source of Being, investing within countless strata of being, until ultimately crystallizing as our material reality.

Which means that if for a moment that current would cease, all of existence would cease with it. There would be no matter, no laws of physics, no fields of energy or dimensions of space. Not only would all these be gone, they would never have been, for time itself would be erased.

And if the current would begin again, in some different way than it was before, then the world would be a new world and the past would be a new past.

Which means that there is no room for worry or despair, and neither is there anything that can defeat your purpose. For you are intimately entwined in a bond of love with that Source of Being, and from there, at any moment, all of past, present and future can be annulled and created anew.

Shaar Hayichud Veha-emunah, chapter 1. Tzavaat Harivash 137.