Perhaps a person will say,

“I cannot fathom an infinite Creator, so why should I attempt to do so?”

“And why should I attempt to awaken my heart to show Him love? What can the love of this puny creature provide Him?”

“So I will just serve Him in complete surrender, doing that which is to be done, connecting to a will and desire far beyond my own.”

Such a person may be wise, but he is wrong.

Yes, it is absurd, but G‑d desires to be grasped by your human mind.

Yes, it is inconceivable, but He desires to find a home within the innermost chamber of your heart, no matter how tiny that place may be.

For this He created you, so that He could dwell within your world.

Serve G‑d with all your heart and all your mind—because that too is His unfathomable, unbounded desire.

Maamar Ki Yish’alcha Bincha