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Letter & Spirit - Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


On Educating Small Children
Learning from the Baal Shem Tov
The importance of educating small children.
“As soon as a child begins to speak, his father must begin to teach him…” This fundamental concept that our sage’s have taught is the essence of Jewish Torah education. Every child must be given full attention as early as possible.
While one may think morality need not be divinely inspired, history demonstrates, however, that separation between G-d and morality be catastrophic.
If the role of education is to civilize the human being, and if civilization is the subordination of the individual will to a higher authority, can there be such a thing as a wholly "secular" education?
G‑d’s love towards every single one of the Jewish people is greater than the love of parents to their only child
In all matters of Torah and Mitzvos, Hashem grants us the abilities and energy to do it.
Educator's Wish to Leave Community
With regard to your question whether it would be advisable for you to move to another place
Medical advice to a young educator
The Purpose of Educational Institutions
The Rebbe advises a young woman regarding where she should pursue her higher education.
A Jewish Educational Foundation
The Rebbe responds to a student who asked if he should transfer to a academy of higher Jewish learning.
Is the purpose of Torah education merely to increase the child’s knowledge, or is character training also vitally needed?
Abraham’s son Ishmael was circumcised at age 13 with full awareness and consciousness, in contrast to Isaac, who was circumcised as a mere infant who could not possibly comprehend. The latter has strong implications for Jewish education.
We can hasten the redemption by removing the reason for the exile, Torah education for girls is the path forward.
The Urgent Need to Provide Jewish Education Now!
Having read your letter very carefully, the first question that occurred to me was: what will the Jewish children gain from our exchange of correspondence? What have they gained, and what will they gain today or tomorrow?
You will understand how every person in every circumstance and situation, has the ability to be joyful while he serves his Creator,
Advancing academically is in the students’ own hands; this will bring joy and fulfillment.
The Student Who Likes One Subject More Than Another
The Rebbe responds to a Yeshivah student regarding why he cannot concentrate on his prayers and what he should do if he likes studying a certain subject more.
Hakhel and Jewish Education
A primary element of Hakhel in the Holy Temple was hearing (and learning) Torah from the king. Today, this is expressed in Jewish education, both for young people and those who were unable to learn when they were young.
The Federations' Commitment to Jewish Education
Paying lip-service to Jewish education, or even initiating another research project and the like, does not minimize the disregard and insensitivity towards something that is vitally important to the survival of our people...
To Spend Millions on Fancy Synagogues, or on Jewish Education?
It is regrettable that public opinion has not sufficiently been aroused in protest against the vogue in some circles to squander millions of dollars on centers, or even fancy synagogues, at a time when the money could be much better spent in support of Jewish education. . .
What can we do when children seem to be nervous and uninterested in their studies?
When Is a Person Considered
Many see education as a mere process of acquiring knowledge in specific areas, which can at one stage or another be completed. Torah education, however, is an ongoing and continuous process, never ending and totally infinite.
In my opinion, you should try as much as possible to continue in your position as a Professor
Summer Vacation
Is vacation time a slowdown of study and practice, or is it a transition from one activity to another?
Holding Your Breath
When on vacation without the responsibility of day-to-day school activities, boys and girls have an even greater opportunity to catch their spiritual breath!
Excerpt from a letter by the Rebbe to a graduating yeshiva class.
In my opinion, you should try as much as possible to complete your studies so that you will be a certified teacher or preschool teacher.
Rebbe, Please Convince My Son to Go to College
A student must study in a location he feels most comfortable, in the words of our sages “where the heart desires.” This holds true in regard with the actual study, which must be in the best interest of the student. What is this?
With man’s purpose in life to illuminate the word society around him, what effect will the college environment have on him?
What is now being recognized as the most important course of education?
What is the most essential education and how important is college?
On Yeshivah Students Attending College
It is essential that right from the earliest childhood to adolescence the Jewish child should receive the fullest possible Jewish education...
"The following is in reply to your request to state my views on the question of the Regents Prayer..."
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