By the Grace of G‑d
13 Cheshvan, 5729
Brooklyn, NY
Greetings and Blessings!


In my opinion, you should try as much as possible to continue in your position as a Professor in .... , since in addition to the good opportunities in the job itself, there is another, very important advantage, and that is that it gives you the ability and great opportunities to spread traditional Judaism in ... The same applies to your wife.

Even if you may say that you can achieve the same thing in another place, it is impossible to estimate at this early stage, of the necessity and success there would be in the new place. Furthermore and also importantly, it is the ruling of our Sages, of blessed memory, that “the poor of your city come first.”

It is surprising that you did not mention your wife and children, which indicates that all is in order, and the order of a Jewish man and woman’s life involves going from strength to strength in matters of Torah and Mitzvot, and increasing in holiness.


(Igros Kodesh, Vol XXVI, p. 11)