By the Grace of G‑d
2nd of Adar, 5739
Brooklyn, N.Y.

First of all, many thanks for the reprint of your article "Inequalities for Moments and Means." It was thoughtful of you to bring it along to the Farbrengen of Yud Shevat. It pleased me very much, especially to note that you are continuing with your creative work in your field and are productively utilizing your capabilities which G‑d has endowed you with. In the present day and age it is necessary to give such work all the publicity it deserves, both through publication and lectures, to reach capacity audiences and readers.

Moreover, in your case, as I have pointed out more than once, this is particularly important, for the recognition that goes with it has a strong impact on the attitude towards religious conviction, and towards Yiddishkeit and Chasidus in particular. People in the world of science, and young students especially, are impressed by the fact that one can be a scientist of the highest caliber and at the same time a strictly observant Jew and a Chasid, and it makes them more responsive to the actual fulfillment of Mitzvos when the subject comes up. There is no need to elaborate on this any further to either of you.

However, on the basis of the saying of our Sages, "Encourage the energetic," I reiterate my profound hope — and if necessary, my request — that you make every effort to utilize fully your capacities through all possible avenues: teaching positions, lectures, courses, visiting professorships, etc. If this requires to deal with administrative people in addition to those who are directly involved in science, it should also lye exploited. For, as I see, it is not only a matter of personal satisfaction, but one of the most effective means of spreading Yiddishkeit, as is surely self-evident.

And since G‑d's reward is in kind, but in a most generous measure, it will also widen the channels for G‑d's blessings to have much true nachas from your children, and enjoy it in good health and in a happy frame of mind.

Now that we have entered the month of Adar, the month of increased joy, highlighted by Purim, when there was "Light, Joy, Gladness and Honor" for all Jews, may this be so for you and all yours, in every respect, materially and spiritually.

With best wishes for a joyous and inspiring Purim and

With blessing,