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Challah & Mothers
Audio | 22:44
Challah & Mothers
Preparing, Shaping and Forming Lives
Everyone loves fresh baked challah. But the unique mitzvah for women of challah is much more than just creating delicious bread. Join Sara Esther Crispe as she discusses the meaning of challah preparation, why it is connected to women and the lessons it has for our lives.
Immersion of Mind, Body and Soul
A Mystical Understanding of Mikvah
Join us as we delve into the inner dimensions of the mikvah process and understand how the physical process that a woman undergoes represents a psychological, spiritual and emotional journey that all of the Jewish people are on.
Paradigms of Feminine Heroes
Peering into the lives of three great biblical personalities, Sara, Rebecca and Miriam we can draw from the infinite reservoirs of feminine courage, perception and indomitable faith to meet the many challenges of today's modern woman
Relationships: Male and Female
Men are from Chessed, Women are from Gevurah
Kabbalah’s formulation of the ten soul powers – the make-up of the human psyche – sheds light on the differences between men and women to help better our relationships.
Revealing Your True Identity
Mind Control: The Power of Our Thought, Speech and Action
There are the garments that we wear on our body and then there are the garments that clothe our soul. Join Sara Esther Crispe as we delve into the inner dimensions of our foundational characteristics.
Back to Her People
Audio | 1:56:12
Back to Her People
A remarkable Jewish odyssey
Tonica Marlow, a female Evangelical minister, embarks on an incredible journey to rediscover her Jewish heritage. This riveting story of the Jewish spirit resonates deep within the soul.
Divine Whispers
The story of the great prophetess Chana is read as part of the Rosh Hashanah services. Many of the laws of prayer are derived from Chana’s conduct. But moreover, Chana also reveals the inner essence of prayer.
Shabbat: A World Aflame
All week long we are mastering creation, but on Shabbat we stop and…
Your Other Half or Other Whole
A Kabbalistic Understanding of Marriage
How two people can come together to create a new entity while remaining individuals.
Did You Hear What I Meant to Say?
A Torah Approach to Successful Communication
Speech is what defines us as human beings. How we speak determines the type of human beings that we are. This class demonstrates how to properly communicate feelings of need, hurt and criticism in a constructive and loving manner based on a five-step process according to Chassidic and Kabbalistic philosophy.
Effective Parenting
Torah Guidance on Educating Your Child
Educating one’s child is the focal point of being a mother or father. Learn how the Torah guides us in this most rewarding yet incredibly difficult task.
The Power of the Jewish Woman
Learn how to thrive – not just survive – in today’s tumultuous world where maintaining a lifelong, healthy, loving relationship is the biggest challenge we face.
Choose Life Radio Interview
Talking With Sara Esther Crispe
Join Melody Masha Pierson, a writer for and host of Radio Shalom's Choose Life weekly program, as she interviews as her first guest speaker, Sara Esther Crispe, editor of Listen as they speak about the site and address the Torah approach to transforming darkness into light. Ironically, this live interview took place on Wednesday, November 26, during the Mumbai Terror attacks but prior to either Sara Esther or Melody being aware of the situation.