A Note From Nava's Mother:
It is absolutely amazing how much our children absorb from us. It is something we all know, but when it smacks you in the face you are once again made aware of how much our words, actions and even thoughts affect our children. The other week, when I was working on the articles for the two year birthday celebration, I had been talking to my husband about the responses from our readers and writers as to what the site means to them. My eldest daughter, Nava (who turned nine last month), must have overheard, and she decided to write a piece about what she thinks of the site (i.e. my job) and my husband's job. She wrote this 100% on her own (though spell check definitely helped!) and I have not done any editing to this whatsoever. Enjoy a look into my daughter's mind (and a future writer for TheJewishWoman.org!).

What I Think About My Parent's Job

I think my mother (Sara Esther Crispe) and my father (Asher Crispe) have really good jobs. Even though it's sometimes really annoying to just sit there when there's nothing to do but watch your parent's (parent) work on the computer and talk on the phone (oy vay I can't even think about it) it drives me crazy. It also drives my mother crazy when I always talk to her when she is working. I still think that my parent's job is important because you get to teach others and help them inspire the meaning of Judaism and Torah. Just think about all the good deeds and rising spirits that you are putting into people. My parents are teachers and writers. They go all around the world just to teach what the meaning of Judaism really means they even went to AFRICA just to teach a class. I think that even though you may not be a teacher you can still help and think about other people. You get to learn Torah you get to do mitzvahs that's what my parent's usually talk about. My mother is the writer of the JewishWoman.org and works for Chabad.org and I think that she was meant to work for Chabad.org and TheJewishWoman.org. I have to admit that she is really good at her job 'even though it's sometimes really annoying' like I told you.