Waves. They're all around us. The internet, radio, and computer — each of them gives off waves. We are constantly surrounded by waves, and they even pass straight through us without anyone talking a single notice. The only way that we can see or hear these waves are when we use a receptor, and channel these waves into a physical form that we are able to comprehend with our senses.

Science is beginning to realize that people give off waves as well. These waves cannot be seen, and we cannot comprehend them physically, but we can see the effects. Our thoughts have a physical impact on the molecular structure of water. This is called messages from water, and if you look it up online you can get more of the scientific background than I am learned enough to tell you.

We as Jews have the ability to send out a very unique kind of wave, a wave that has the power change the very face of the earth! When we do a mitzvah, we are sending out millions and billions of waves! Waves to other people, and even waves to G‑d Himself! No, we cannot see them, because waves cannot be seen. That is to say, waves cannot be seen without a receptor, and sadly, we will not be able to use that receptor until the ultimate redemption.

Still, we can see the effects of mitzvot just like the effects of our thoughts can be seen in "messages from water." When those waves hit other people, they can change whomever they go through! One mitzvah therefore, can physically change so many people! That is the beauty of waves; a billion waves can come from one source, just as a billion people's lives can be changed by one good deed! If we could see how far one deed goes, we would be eager to do as many as possible, but herein lies the paradox of it all.

The urge to do good comes from the physical fulfillment of seeing the effects of our deeds, but the only way we can see the physical effects of the deeds is by doing good deeds. Still, just like you know that the internet or radio is right there even though you can't tap into it, you have to remember that the waves you give off when you do a mitzvah are as real as those that come through our computers or cell phones! May you have all of G‑d's blessings, and I hope that this article has inspired you to go out and send a "wave" to someone in need of a little more light in their life!