Begin with toxic, one-minute falsehoods

Amazed to see stars in your eyes and mine
Truth appears to flicker. I’m going to let it shine.
Wanting to hide because I questioned its purpose and its strength
Every turn’s a new path. I’m attuned and need to go the length.
Constant changes abound. I must stay firmly planted in the ground.
Will I? Can I?
Focus and pay attention while going different speeds and lengths.
My body slows down and inside energy strengthens, finally without haste.
Great strides are found in movement, as intimacy inside grows.
I’m learning a new lesson on you and me, since I‘d rarely experienced the rose.
Others had control with their harming characters, tastes, and lies.
I’d followed in their footsteps, not comprehending my reactions and sighs.
Trust myself, my inner soul? It had had no chance to grow.
Until it’s voice like music echoed and my spirit could ultimately know.
The melody it plays is lovely, and very delicate in its form.
It’s new exploration and life in this world is something just being born.
The love it feels (and lightness contained) at last can be up hurled.
Beginning to freely be expressed on its flight is better than being curled.
The pain I had had when I was putting, all of the parts of the Universe together,
Can now be blown and strewn out and about by a vacuum and a feather.
And so now the lesson will be continued ‘till the end of my ‘dying’ day,
Complete with a newly arranged and bordered path, glued and molded specifically each way.
The wealth of beautiful pieces are now stretching out before me,
It makes this unusual adventure more meaningful, and one that will always adorn me.
The work completed in this incredible lesson has proved very interesting indeed.
I have learned to play and balance the pieces, as pleasure and truth were perceived.
It’s like walking through the fire slowly and embracing all the flames, as the energy and light contained within my soul are a goal and constant aim.
For me to make intense grueling pain transform myself into pleasure,
I must have a gift of spirit (now held) which forever I always will treasure!
From death new heights can ultimately emerge and give rise to a brightly lit flame. Interesting, exciting, and down on the path from the experiences and feelings I gain.
The yellow brick pebbles I am traveling on do not form a swamp or pit anymore.
Entertaining all day and breathing deeply at night have not allowed for my heart to get sore.
The paradoxes of life are unveiled to me as I keep learning life’s lessons of love.
Using darkness and pain, potholes of dreams are sewn up, with your compassionate loving light from above.

(Life/ Light)
End with pure, one-second truths