Ancient stones please talk to me
and tell me all about your history.
How you've withstood the test of time
through terrible attacks and crimes.
If only you could speak and tell,
the tales of those who upon you fell.
So many secrets you must surely know,
yet you seem so young, your age doesn't show!

Can you even count the tears that have been shed?
A steady diet of sorrow you've been fed.
Yet who but you could stifle a moan,
a heartfelt cry or a painful groan?
You stand so proud, so strong and true,
representing each and every Jew.
We come from the world over to kiss you and pray,
or sometimes just to stand and slowly sway.

How much sadness can your holy cracks hold,
before those bits of paper will yearn to unfold?
But don't worry dear stones, Redemption is coming soon,
and then you'll only be hearing a very happy tune.
Holy priests presenting offerings, Levites singing too,
from four corners of the earth, all Jews will flock to you.
Finally we'll go from sadness to gladness, despair to hope
no longer through the darkness of exile will we grope.

Our tears will be ones of joy, along with prayers of thanks,
all of the Jewish nation will visit you, no matter their ages or ranks!
You'll see our forefathers and mothers, and all generations united,
and be thanking G‑d for choosing you - you'll be delighted!
The third Temple will stand forever, as you know,
and hopefully you'll be happy to be the one we'll proudly show.
G‑dliness will shine on you day and night
and illuminate up your crevices with its Divine light.

So, please hang on just a little bit longer,
because the time has come for you to get even stronger.
Soon you'll be restored to your former glory,
and together we'll begin a brand new story.