In my loneliest of moments,
when I feel all friends are gone
I look out the window
and see the birds and the colors of the season
and realize
I am never alone..
G‑d has always been, is and will always be, my friend.

In my loneliest of moments
is when I realize
I am never by myself.

In those quiet moments
when my heart beats
calmly in the center of my chest
and my soul is full
I hear the melody of life,
beating, singing, vibrating

In those quiet moments,
is when I feel the beauty of G‑d
Who has kept me as a part of Him
and His magnificent design.

A carpet of moss in the woods
Trees that have rooted deeply down below the ground
Remind me that I am a woman of the Earth
and a soul of the Heavens

In my loneliest and most quiet moments
I feel the connection
to the One who has created me,
and I am never alone.