The following poem was written for my Mom who suffers from a connective-tissue disorder know as dermatomyositis. Despite all her struggles she continues to maintain her faith and does her utmost to take care of her family.

Her pathway has been uneasy
and although it lies deep-rooted
in the four chambers of her heart,
she embraces the illumination of a thousand candles
in order for darkness not to enter her home.

She is elegant in her ways
and the strength she lacks from ailing health,
is made up twofold in the beauty of her smile.

Her soul has been warmed by sensitivity
and those who have been graced
by the radiance of her presence,
often leave feeling valued and understood.

Her kindness is everlasting
and as she walks through the streets of life,
it is as if she scatters golden rays of sunshine
into the weary hands of the jaded.

When the icy frost of sadness overcomes you,
you need not travel to distant villages in search of finding hope,
for hope is only moments away,
in the wisdom of her empathy.