Yellow, gold, warm maple wood
warm, messy, wild,
life, living, loud
struggle of little wills trying to assert understanding and control
D & I — struggling to channel energy
in directions, constructively
as it wiggles, turns, bursts forth, plays, recedes

Hashem overlooking it all,
Knowing what is in our hearts,
Help us,
helps us
as we make our way
with them
Our 3 little loves
We so want to do right by, in all ways
Growing together,
with a core of love, loyalty and fun

The physical are only dotted lines
A backdrop,
for the life bouncing around within its containing walls
What we can't see
is so much more important
and solid
than what we can see
It's the home
we are building
every day, all day,
inside all of us
And can take with us,
whereever we go.