This is a poem I wrote while witnessing my grandson's birth.

I rise and witness the miracle of life
I face the pain of my child
It is more than a mother’s heart can endure
The awe is great
The power of birth is enveloping all space
Focused on the channel of life
I see it all
Life has begun within a moment
My breath stops and is replaced by tears of joy and amazement
Child of my child
You are here
Your mother rests from her long toil
Her eyes longing to finally see you
Your father looks on with pride and never-ending love
As he gently kisses his Toby
I have been blessed yet again
Baby boy you will be loved and cherished
By your adoring mother and father
And all who belong
Their eyes will watch you grow
Their arms will carry you
Fingers will caress your tenderness
Lips will kiss you endlessly
You are so beautiful to see
Each day you will be loved more and more
Baby boy you have filled our lives
Grateful to the heavens that brought you to us