"My father said: In Chassidus the 'beginning is wedged into the end and the end is wedged into the beginning.' This is the state of igulim, "circles," without beginning or end. Nonetheless, order and system are crucial..." (Hayom Yom, 7 Tamuz)

Just when I semi-exhale
(And think:
Traveling's a breeze
When your youngest is six)
She stops - mid Pearson airport rush - and slides six silver coins
Into the shimmering gauze bag
She insisted on packing

(Even though I said‎:
Something so tiny can get lost
And she retorted:
I'll watch it carefully)

The coins roll out of the bag
By one
By one
By one
By one
By one

Circling our feet
There's a coin-sized hole in the bag
(perfect for this very second)

Just as I say:
The bag is ripped
Let's put the coins in your pocket instead
She decides ‎to collect each coin
One by one (times six)
To see if the bag decided to unrip itself
(it hasn't)

The coins roll out again…
She wants to try once more
Use a different side of the bag
I say
(gravity works in Canada too)

We wind our way to a customs officer
Purpose of our trip?
"A patience journey"
(my thought)

Because ‎where does it say
That parenting is ‎a guaranteed picnic
When she's merely seventy two months old‎?

No question, it's a party
Celebrated daily
The hours like rolling silver circles