How long is your attention span? How long can you concentrate deeply on the unity of G‑d, meditating on His greatness? If you’re like most people, you have your limits. And when you’ve reached your capacity, it gets too strenuous.

So what is one to do?

Historically, Jews reached their capacity,Their souls couldn’t handle it too. At Mount Sinai, G‑d revealed Himself to the Jews, and it was so intense that their souls couldn’t handle it. Therefore, G‑d commanded them to build a Tabernacle and then a temple, to, as if, “contain” G‑d. Granted, G‑d is everywhere, but G‑d still gave them a place where He would be openly revealed, and they would be able to access G‑dliness in that manner.

So where does that leave us today? The Temple is no longer here, and we have limited intellectual abilities. How can we access G‑d during the rest of our waking hours?

By learning the laws of the Torah.

Today, there are no revelations at Sinai and no majestic structure to behold G‑d’s greatness. But when Jews learn Torah, they are learning G‑d’s wisdom and making it a part of themselves. In this way, you literally becomes a Temple for G‑d, containing and accessing G‑d’s wisdom while in exile. Even if all you have time for is to learn one (or part of one) chapter in the morning and one chapter at night, you can succeed in the quest to “hosting” G‑d in your very own brain.

And when we don’t have time to study the laws of Torah? We can still be a Temple for G‑d by mimicking Him. G‑d is good, and G‑d is a giver. By giving charity generously, we can elevate all of our time and working hours to revealing G‑dliness in this world.

What an awesome opportunity!

Tanya Bit: Where is G‑d? Wherever you reveal Him.

(Inspired from Chapter 34 of Tanya)