Imagine coming home after a long day at work only to find your home invaded by strangers, sprawled out on your couch after raiding your pantry. They barely glance at you when you enter, and when they do, they squint and wonder, “Who are you? Do you think you own this place?”

G‑d had this inexplicable craving, or tayveh,” when He created this world. He created a world where it would appear as if he didn’t, with forces outright denying that He is the owner of this house.

But He wanted people to see through it. He wanted to be acknowledged as the true owner and Creator. Not by angels or spiritual beings, but by physical people who live in this world of confusion.

Every time a Jew performs a mitzvah, he or she tears down a bit of the kelipa—the forces that deny G‑d.

G‑d gets immeasurable pleasure when a mitzvah is performed, and His deep desire to feel “at home” in this world is fulfilled. And ultimately, He is awaiting the Messianic Era, when the whole world will acknowledge Him, and His great light will shine throughout His entire home on this earth.

Tanya Bit: Every mitzvah is fulfilling G‑d’s desire of designing a comfortable home for G‑d on planet Earth.

(Inspired from Chapter 36 of Tanya)