The mitzvah of separating challah is incumbent on every Jew. Traditionally, however, this has been one of the special mitzvot entrusted to the Jewish woman. As the akeret ha-bayit (foundation of the home), the woman not only prepares the physical sustenance for the family, but by observing this mitzvah, she nourishes it spiritually as well.

The woman, so influential in shaping the values and attitudes of her family, brings blessings upon her home through this mitzvah and instills faith in G‑d within those around her. The mitzvah of separating challah is symbolic of the entire practice of keeping kosher—in which the woman of the home plays the pivotal role—with its emphasis on elevating the physical and mundane to the realm of holiness.

Jewish women have traditionally baked their own challah loaves in preparation for the Shabbat, treasuring the opportunity to perform this special mitzvah.