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Challah Info and How To

Every time we bake bread of any of the five grains, we must remove a portion for challah. The how and why of this mitzvah.

Challah: a Step-by-Step Guide
How to Separate "Challah"
In its more widely-known usage, challah refers to the two loaves of bread that form the core of the Shabbat meal. But in its more basic, biblical meaning, challah is the piece of dough that is separated and consecrated to G-d every time we bake bread
The Separation of
You thought challah refers to the two braided loaves of bread reserved for Shabbat meals? It does, but mainly, challah is the small chunk of dough we tear off and burn . . .
Challah Q&A
The exact specifications for how to take challah
When and Where Does Challah Apply?
The parameters of the mitzvah: how and under what conditions it applies
Too Much Dough for One Shabbat
As the family dynamics change, sometimes we’re left with not enough “diners” to do justice to a shiur challah of bread over Shabbos
Why Do Some Tear Challah and Others Cut It?
While most slice their bread, there are indeed some who rip on Shabbat, and some do so just on Fridays. Here's why
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