In some early childhood classrooms, the children bring in “mitzvah notes” from home, and the teacher reads them out at circle time and sticks them on the wall. What is a mitzvah note? A short note letting the teacher know about something positive the child did at home. The children thrive on the attention and positive reinforcement and it also helps bridge the gap between school and home.

Sometimes parents struggle to come up with ideas—that’s okay! We’ve given you a list of ideas, but for the most part the children are just happy to have the mitzvah note, what’s actually on it is not as important. And remember, you can always ask your children what they would like you to write—kids usually have great ideas!

If your child’s teacher doesn’t do mitzvah notes, you can start a chart at home. Reviewing them and adding to the chart will encourage positive behavior.

Download the Chanukah-themed mitzvah note template, make copies, and start writing. Come up with your own ideas, or use some of our suggestions:


  • Helped cook for Shabbat (eg. peeled potatoes, unpacked groceries)
  • Helped prepare for Shabbat
  • Showered/bathed quickly for Shabbat
  • Set the table
  • Cleared the table
  • Took a nap without complaining
  • Played nicely so Mommy/Daddy could sleep

Personal Accomplishments

  • Ate supper nicely
  • Got dressed quickly
  • Took a bath
  • Listened to parents the first time
  • Brushed teeth
  • Waited patiently
  • Was happy with what s/he received
  • Used the potty/bathroom
  • Washed hands with soap
  • Went to bed on time

Around the House

  • Cleaned up toys
  • Straightened room
  • Helped with laundry
  • Cleared plate and cup after supper
  • Helped sweep the floor
  • Helped load the dishwasher
  • Put laundry in the basket
  • Put groceries away

Religious Accomplishments

  • Learned Torah
  • Recited morning prayers
  • Said blessing before or after eating
  • Honored parents
  • Said “amen” after hearing a blessing
  • Washed hands before eating bread


  • Shared toys
  • Visited a sick friend
  • Made guests feel welcome
  • Got the house ready for guests
  • Returned a lost object to a friend
  • Took care of a younger sibling
  • Gave tzedakah (charity)
  • Gave up something so someone else could be happy

Mitzvah note examples

  • Shira shared her crayons with Eliana during their play date yesterday. I am so proud!
  • Sammy helped mommy shop for groceries. What a mitzvah boy!
  • Jacob set up the Chanukah menorah so quickly. Such excitement for the mitzvah!