Create beautiful Chanukah greeting cards for your friends and family.

You will need:

  • Printfoam (I use Inovart), or the center of a Styrofoam plate (Using a plate is fine, but the lines will not be as sharp)
  • Ballpoint pen or thin wooden stick with a pointed end (used as a stylus to etch design)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • A few sheets of white copy paper to sketch design
  • Glue stick
  • Bone folder
  • A few sheets of wax paper
  • Manila drawing paper cut into 3½” x 4” rectangles for printing
  • Card stock cut to 5½” x 8½” which is folded to 4¼”x 5½” size cards
  • Envelopes A2 size (4.375 x 5.75)
  • Water soluble block printing inks in color(s) of your choice (I use Speedball brand)
  • Brayer (to roll out ink)
  • Chinet Dinner Squares (found in supermarket) as a flat surface to roll out ink
  • Newspaper to cover table when printing


Cut out 3½” x 4” rectangle from printfoam. Outline rectangle shape on white copy paper. Draw your menorah design on white paper, cut out rectangle.

NOTE: When creating your drawing keep in mind that it will print in the reverse. If you want to include letters as part of your illustration they need to be drawn backwards.

Place drawing on top of rectangle; go over design with pen gently pushing down on printfoam to make an impression. Remove paper, go back and etch the design a little deeper with the pen or stick, careful not to tear the foam sheet. Put finished printing plate aside for later.

Squeeze out small amount of ink onto dinner square. Place brayer on dinner square, rolling back and forth until a light coating of ink is on the brayer.

Apply the inked brayer across the foam rectangle, careful not to trap ink in the etched lines.

TIP: The white lines where the foam is etched will not print thus creating the design outline.

To print your design, place a sheet of manila paper on inked rectangle and gently rub with the palm of your hand. Pull the paper from the corner and admire your printed design! Repeat until you have the amount of prints you desire, let dry.

To Assemble:

Fold cardstock into as many cards as needed, use bone folder to create a clean edge by rubbing along the fold. Turn the printed papers to blank side and coat with glue. Center and place glued side down onto card stock.

Place wax paper over design; rub the edge of bone folder across for good adhesion. Pair finished greeting card with envelopes.

TIP: When applying the glue stick to the finished design make sure tabletop is covered with additional white copy paper for easy clean up. Brayer can be easily cleaned with liquid dish soap and water and dried; store ink and other materials for next time.