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Home decorating and crafting projects for the do-it-yourselfer.

Craft It Jewish Magazine
A seasonal magazine of home decorating and crafting projects
Happy Birthday, World!
Setting a Rosh Hashanah Table
Instead of flowers this year, try your hand at creating this "map birthday cake". It's guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your Rosh Hashanah dinner table--after all, the world is one year older!
Fabulous Dining Room Decor on a Dime
How to make a gorgeous Shabbat side table (and more) without breaking the bank
Here are some tips to get a gorgeous dining room without breaking the bank.
How to Craft Sparkling Candle Holders
Jewish Crafts with Abbey
Watch our Jewish crafting guru, Abbey, demonstrate how to create unique candle holders that will be the centerpiece of your Shabbat or holiday table.
Lighting Your Sukkah
Why use industrial light bulbs from a home improvement store, when it’s an opportunity to do something fabulous?
Jarring Creatively
Organize your supplies with beautiful, creative jars
Organize your supplies with beautiful, creative jars.
A Decorative Electric Menorah for Your Home
You can use this as a decoration for your front window, or as a great centerpiece on your table.
Throw a Beautiful Chanukah Party
I love to entertain, and Chanukah is the perfect time to invite friends and family over for a holiday party. It’s so much fun to decorate the house and table in festive Chanukah attire.
Challah With a Touch of Elegance
Here’s a simple way to make your challah even more special, as a beautiful centerpiece for a special occasion.
How to Craft a Beautiful Elijah Cup
Jewish Crafts with Abbey
Watch our Jewish crafting guru, Abbey, demonstrate how to create a Seder centerpiece that will leave your guests dazzled!
A simple craft for Passover for all ages.
Vintage Matchboxes
To save yourself from having just regular or unsightly matchboxes next to your glowing Shabbat candles, you can make these beautiful vintage-looking matchbox covers.
How to Create a Fabulous Upshern Party
You can’t exactly walk into a party store and purchase upsherenish decor! Of course, that meant being creative and coming up with some fun decor ideas that were unique, inexpensive and attractive.
Creating Stylish & Healthy Mishloach Manot
It is really the basket or container that sets the tone for the Mishloach Manot theme.
A Picture-Perfect Birthday for My 3-Year-Old Girl
Create a personalized mitzvah memory matching game for your child’s birthday.
Cake Dolls Take the Cake
We celebrated our daughter’s first time lighting Shabbat candles with these cake dolls.
Neutral Favors & Flavors
Repackage regular candy bars to create aesthetically pleasing party favors.
Bonfire Cupcakes
These cupcakes, which resemble bonfires, are fun to make with children of all ages.
Cupcake Bouquet
This edible bouquet is an easy way to brighten up your table and impress your guests on Shavuot.
Distressed Mason Jar Vases
Decorate your house for Shavuot
Tree Collage
Take your camera on a beautiful journey surrounded by nature. This project will keep you in touch with the life cycle of the trees and the changing seasons.
Make a Beautiful Fruit Platter
Learn to make fruit flowers and shapes to spice up your food presentation.
Glitter Wine Bottle Centerpieces
Add color and shine to your Purim table with these glittery centerpieces.
Popcorn-Themed Mishlaoch Manot
Pair these two items for a popcorn themed mishloach manot that kids will love.
Purim Worksheets
Help your kids get into the Purim spirit with these fun worksheets.
Purim Costume Theme Ideas
Some people like to go all out and coordinate their food gifts with their costumes. Here are some theme suggestions and printable tags you can stick on them.
Passover Cleaning Medals
Involve your kids in the Passover preparations
All the activities suggested here will help a child develop skills and will allow you to go about your household duties in a (semi) undisturbed manner.
Passover Washing Station
Create this festive Passover washing station with either Hebrew or English letters.
Afikoman Bag
This project is perfect for crafters of all ages. You can make it simpler or more intricate by choosing appropriate stencils.
Passover Place Cards
Your holiday table will look so elegant with these place markers.
Discover the Secret to Perfect Floral Arrangements
Color scheme is an essential part of designing a flower arrangement. This Shavuot, create an attractive bouquet using basic color theory principles.
Decorative Purim Puppets
Have creative fun with your children. Make three clowns to set in a vase for a beautiful seuda center piece.
Pesach Puppets
Home decorating and crafting projects for the do-it-yourselfer.