Sometimes, I have this niggling thought that what I’m doing is not the “real thing.” That running a home and preparing meals is not exactly in the realm of spirituality, and that somehow the sphere of holiness is beyond my reach during my child-rearing years.

The previous Lubavitcher rebbe was wont to say, “All that is holy and precious to the Jewish people is entrusted into the hands of the woman.”

Women have a unique ability to elevate base human instincts to holiness, which is epitomized by the three mitzvahs entrusted to women.

All humans need food, reproduction and shelter. Women take those basic needs and elevate them, by introducing the three mitzvahs of kosher, family purity and Shabbat candles into those domains.

Thoughtstream: Today, I will remember that not only do my actions relate to holiness, but they epitomize it.

(Adapted from Igrot Kodesh, vol. 19, p. 312, and Likkutei Sichot, vol. 20, p. 227.)