Not too long ago, I held my own baby for the very first time. I was flooded with tenderness and love, and an all-encompassing feeling of joy and light.

There was also a heavy weight: the fear of raising a child.

It’s scary to shoulder the responsibility to feed, clothe, educate and heal another human being.

Thankfully, my husband and I did not have to shoulder this responsibility alone.

Our sages teach that there are three partners in the creation of a child: the mother, the father, and G‑d Himself. And since this third partner has endless ability, stability, health and wealth, we want to keep Him in the loop.

It’s worth it to consult with Him.

Thoughtstream: Today, I’ll bring G‑d back into the picture, and send up a prayer—or two.

(Adapted from Torat Menachem 5742, vol. 3, p. 1481.)