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Why You Should Be a Fake

Parshat Terumah

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Why You Should Be a Fake: Parshat Terumah

Why should I act in a way that contradicts my true feelings? Should I present a façade of calmness even when I really want to lash out in anger?
Psychology & Behavior, Action; Deed, Ark, Terumah

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Sabrina February 3, 2022

I just love this insight! Thank you for sharing! Reply

Yvonne Sandoval San Antonio February 13, 2018

Amazing! Thank you. I needed to hear this. I think as parents and caregivers to our parents, with so much going on we sometimes forget we are pure gold.
Thank you again. Reply

Aviva Nj October 22, 2017

I love the 'wooden self'.. Reply

Ruchama Phoenix via June 11, 2017

Amazing & so true!! Wow. Loved this, you're so inspiring! Reply

Rishe Brooklyn March 5, 2017

convincing i love how you explained this, Chana Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel March 1, 2017

The self-attitude problem with growing up At a stage of adolescence, we discover the need to present a face to the rest of the world which is an act. Out "true" selves are not socially acceptable because they are both too frank and brutally truthful. This may show idealistic forms of behavior that are either crude and unfriendly or alternatively over-caring to a self-sacrificial degree, which appears to be unrealistic. Neither of these approaches can be thought to consist of what we really want to be, nor what we wish others to see in us. So we find ourselves with certain characteristic features which are somewhat close but not equal to an idealistic nature. The few of us who get closer to this are thought of as being either saints or evil ones.

This creates a problem because we need somehow to evolve in our nature and express it in our daily living. Its all very well if we simply allow our instincts rule (as some do with disastrous results), we feel fine but how then can others accept us? On the other hand, to "fake" is out. Reply

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