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Cedar Trees in a Desert?

Parshat Terumah

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Cedar Trees in a Desert?: Parshat Terumah

The primary material necessary for building the Divine Sanctuary was cedar wood. Now, since the Jews were journeying in a hostile desert, how could they possibly procure the required cedar wood, and in formidable quantity?! This class will solve the mystery, and in so doing will offer an inspirational message for our times. (Likutei Sichos vol. 31)
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Mishkan, Terumah

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Chani/Bentzy Shemtov Chicago February 22, 2023

Great class Rabbi New thank you Reply

Moishe New Hampstread February 22, 2023
in response to Chani/Bentzy Shemtov:

Thanks for sharing. Hatzlocho rabboh! Reply

This class analyzes an aspect of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. While providing a basic understanding of the subject matter, the lesson delves into its deeper and more complex dimensions with emphasis on the spiritual relevance to our daily lives. Inspiration for both the novice and advanced student.
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