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Transforming Falsehood

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Terumah

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Transforming Falsehood: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Terumah

The Sanctuary that Moses built in the wilderness was constructed of a kind of pillar called a "keresh" (kuf, shin, reish.) These are the same letters as the world for falsehood "sheker" (shin, kuf, reish) and the word for connection "kesher" (kuf, shin, reish.) The purpose of the Sanctuary that each of us builds in our hearts is to take the falsehood of this world and change it into a pillar and a connection to G-d.
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Shin, Resh, Kuf, Mishkan, Parshah, Terumah

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Mike Ettinger Nova Scotia February 20, 2021

As almost always, pleasure to bask in your insights. Particularly the "boundary" being the transforming of falsehood into truth, the pillar of our faith. This boundary acts as our protection, to keep us away if too false, least we become as Nahab and Abihu, and to keep us in tune with his tone, for surely he is the sound foundation, Gentle like a skipping lamb let having more power than can be summed by the universe.
As a side note, which seems unrelated. A drag racer experiences an increase in G force as he accelerates from a dead stop, as Einstein postulated. This explains why modern scientists theorize a mini black hole at the end of a lightning strike, the earth being negative and above positive. The electrons being much heavier than photons produce the gravity needed to make a singularity. Another cross reference, the theory postulated if you travel at the speed of light time stops. One attribute of a singularity is it is outside the bounds of time. No space left lots of time lol Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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