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10 Bite-Sized Life-Lessons from the Ten Commandments

Parshat Yitro

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10 Bite-Sized Life-Lessons from the Ten Commandments: Parshat Yitro

The Bible is the world’s best-seller, providing practical guidance to living a higher life. Here are 10 nuggets of wisdom that can change your life.
Mount Sinai, Ten Commandments, Giving of the Torah, Yitro

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YL Slovakia June 2, 2022

so refreshing, thank you and G-d bless you! Reply

NoName February 3, 2021

Thank you! Great little video and much appreciated. Reply

Aaron Columbia, MO May 30, 2017

Dear Chana,

It's always a pleasurable experience to listen to your bite-sized videos, which pack so much helpful, and insightful wisdom in such short clips. Good luck with your holy work of teaching the inner meanings of Torah to the masses! Reply

Sveta February 15, 2017

אני מעריך אותך לשים כתוביות על קטעי וידאו מתחיל. I appreciate you for putting subtitles on beginning videos. Reply

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