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Torah and the Number Three

Something Spiritual on Parshat Yitro

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Torah and the Number Three: Something Spiritual on Parshat Yitro

Unity; Oneness, Giving of the Torah, 3, Yitro

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Lee Kelso Whitesboro January 19, 2022

Yehuda, adding some deeper connections/dimensions to what you shared... regarding the number 3/three/שלושה/KHB HGT NHY M... in order to connect the individual and collective soul to the study of the internality of Torah that being the Ten Sefirot. This is where the original idea שלושה יוצאים מאחד comes from...and then add "The One" in the form of the most holy name - HaVaYaH. We can also see/perceive 3 in the form of the gematria of אלף which is 111... a left right and middle or central line. I listened to Rabbi Gordon yesterday on Pshat Yitro and even the three advisors of Pharaoh Baalam Job and Jethro represent left right and center through their responses to Pharaoh's thought of what should he do with Israel... "against-abstain-for." Baruch Hashem! Blessings! Reply

Leah February 3, 2021

Yes, and Harmony/Beauty - Teferes- is the 3rd sefirah. Reply

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