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Did G-d Descend for Real?

Exploring Rashi’s commentary on seemingly conflicting Sinai narratives

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Did G-d Descend for Real?: Exploring Rashi’s commentary on seemingly conflicting Sinai narratives

The giving of the Torah was the greatest Divine revelation in history. Rashi reveals how the Torah’s very specific description helps us appreciate exactly how close G-d was during that one-time event.
Giving of the Torah, Rashi, Yitro

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Brenda Thornhill, Ontario, Canada January 23, 2019

Making the Holy Connection in 2019 We are at the time when we are expected to draw G_d's Light into our world.

All those in whom this desire has awakened need to repeat the method Moses implemented.

Let's gather all those sparks in whom the fire burns to draw His Light, His positive energy into this chaotic world. Then in our unity of desire we become as one man with one heart as Moses instructed. This united aspiration resonates with His Light. Then we reveal G_dliness flowing from His Light between us.

As our world unravels and finds no solutions to the crises, we must assume our responsilbilty to bring His Light to initiate humanity's ascent to rise above our mountain of hatred, pride, selfishness.... Only His Light (fire) can change the heart of humanity to be holy as he is and bring us closer to His divine quality of harmonious connections between us.

2019 sees the world at an abyss. We need to act soon to bring Him closer to us before we will be forced under great pressures to perform our task. Reply

K. Brooks January 30, 2019
in response to Brenda :

Bravo. Very impressive - nothing left to add. Thank you. Amazing intuition. Reply