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Reading the Ten Commandments

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Yitro

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Reading the Ten Commandments: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Yitro

The "taamim" (cantillation notes) used for reading the Ten Commandments differ when read alone than when read communally in the synagogue. What is the meaning of this special version of musical notes?
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Kinshasa Brown Swarthmore June 12, 2016

Thank you Rabbi
Kinshasa Brown Reply

Katrin P. Germany February 1, 2013

Baruch HaShem for this shiur. The first half explains exactly the reasons as to why I had to become a Jew. When I started reading TORAH, I thought "Wait a minute...we're doing it wrong" and I tried, for one example, to tell the others that we were missing out on Shabbos when we would celebrate it on Sundays. I only explained it slightly different. I used to use the metaphor of the divine door that opens only on the particular time given by G-d, and if we didn't do the mitzvah then we couldn't connect. Similar thing with Yom Kippur. Of course we can do tshuva at any day of the year, but on Yom Kippur we ought to do tshuva. After a while I figured that I would let them do what they want to do and find people who do what I wanted to do, and today I'm a happy convert - thanks to HaShem.

I also feel so wonderfully understood by this Rabbi because this is how I feel when I learn TORAH alone, it feels as if I cannot bring the two together. I need shul and the company of other Jews. Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA August 18, 2012

reading the Ten Commandments Shalom Rabbi Raskin,

Again another wonderful teaching. As a Gentile, I never learned the indept meaning of the 10 commandments. What you said opened my eyes to the beautiful dept of them.

Thank you, All the blessings that G-d has for you be upon you and your family. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA February 8, 2012

Reading The Ten Commandments Dear Rabbi Raskin,
Wonderful teaching! It made so many things clear to me. I am learning, although i am 64 years old. And I cherish Torah and everything our G-d taught us. Thank you so much for your teachings I always watch your videos. Again, thank you so much. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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