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How We Know the Torah Was Given by G‑d

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The Torah: Given by G-d

Many claim to know what happened millions of years ago. Yet regarding what took place only over 3320 years ago, the giving of the Torah by G‑d, doubt is raised. If you’re in doubt, here’s something to consider.
Torah, Giving of the Torah

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Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein May 20, 2013

To Abe de Jong I am referring to the event of the giving of the Torah itself, not the 10 commandments. How do we know the event truly took place? There are significant implications if one doesn't accept that the 10 commandments are Divine. Reply

Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein May 20, 2013

To L. Benavides Thank you for the comment. I am referring to their new teachings. Reply

Michael David Farmington May 16, 2018
in response to Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein:

Rabbi Weinstein you say in reference to Christianity "their new teachings" ?? Such as?

Thank you! Reply

Abe de Jong Netherlands May 16, 2013

The Thorah: given by G-d. Hello Aryeh.

Does a person/human need belief/faith to accept/know the 10 Commandmands?

Is it from mind only?
Or is is it from the heart only?
Or connected to both?

Both are given by our Creator G-d?

Shalom. Reply

John May 14, 2013

att Chemdah Think of it this way. How could it not be true? Reply

L. Benavides Argentina May 14, 2013

I have a question Rabbi Weinstein. Why do you say that Christianity is found in "G-d' appeared to one man?" As far as I know Christianity's back bone is the Torah. Without the Torah's teachings and history Christianity would not be.
Thank you for your teachings and wisdom. Reply

Anonymous May 14, 2013

Att Chemdah Tel-aviv You must not have been paying attention... Fact and witnesses.... You were there, I was there, 600,000 Jewish Souls were there. Reply

nicanor jerry grino jr philippines May 13, 2013

very informative Reply

Anonymous USA May 13, 2013

Torah Given By G-d That is the reason Rabbi Weinstein that I believe in Torah. In my soul, I was there. I know because of the call. Hashem is calling His people to return. And we will, all, return to him. When Mashiach comes, we will hear, and see it once more. I believe.

Thank you for your message to-day. Reply

Chemdah Tel-aviv, Israel May 12, 2013

Giving of the Torah in Sinai How is it proven and verified? Can you bring facts? Witnesses? Other than stated in the Torah. Reply

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