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Who Let the Frogs Out?

The Plague of Frogs (Tzefardea)

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Who Let the Frogs Out?: The Plague of Frogs (Tzefardea)

Learn why this second plague hit Pharaoh hardest, and how these green creatures became an example of true commitment—inspiring famous people centuries later! See how they unwittingly enforced border control between Ancient Ethiopia and Egypt, and discover Kermit’s crazy ancestors from long ago, as you learn about the extra-ordinary intelligence these amphibious animals displayed. Plus, you’ll be astounded by their incredible super-natural antics as they tormented our Egyptian slave masters as only possessed frogs can! This fascinating class concludes with a deep ethical and spiritual message that we can all take to heart.
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Va'eira, Ten Plagues, Frogs, Plague of

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Zuzana Belgium February 27, 2021

Thank you for your teaching, rabbi. I do agree the frog is a poisonous thought as a lie pictures spiritual kind of poison and it works as such. So in my opinion the frog represent a false prophet, which once hit out of envy produces more frogs - false teachings and prophesy which when hit the people, can poison them to such level that they might not recover from it. In this regard I see this plague as a father's striking of his disobedient child. Reply

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