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When Dark Matter Visited Planet Earth

The Plague of Darkness (choshech)

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When Dark Matter Visited Planet Earth: The Plague of Darkness (choshech)

The plague of darkness was incredibly dense and intense for the Egyptians, while the Israelite nation enjoyed a miraculously bright and lit-up environment. This class will shed light and reveal obscure facets of this remarkable plague, and the layers of purpose it served in preparation for the Exodus.
Darkness, Plague of, Bo, Ten Plagues

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Anonymous March 24, 2017

you mentioned that the Possuk says VAy'hi choshech but it should have said V'yihyeh. Actually it says VIhi (future tense as opposed to VAy'hi which is past tense) and it says VEyamesh (future tense as apposed to VAyamesh which is past tense) Reply

Sylvia U.K. January 15, 2016

Higgs Boson and Higgs Field (CERN) Dear Rabbi,
Today I read about Physics and they are concerned that science may end due to not understanding 'darkness' and the numbers associated with the calculation. I think this will make you smile in relation to today discussion. Thank you Reply

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