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All the Bloody Details!

The Plague of Blood (‘Dam’)

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All the Bloody Details!: The Plague of Blood (‘Dam’)

This class pierces the veil shrouding the mystery around the first of the proverbial 10 Plagues. Discover the full story of the Nile River miraculously running red. Was it just a temporary chemical discoloration or did the water become actual plasma? What was the purpose, who was affected, and finally how did the magicians have water to turn into blood? Finally, why is this relevant in our day and age?
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Ten Plagues, Blood, Plague of

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Chana June 9, 2020

How long did the makkah's dam last? Reply

Richard Paracka Tampa July 19, 2018

Tribe of Levy not enslaved? What is source material for this? Reply

Veronica Resendiz Texas, USA March 22, 2018

I was listening to your explanation of the ten plagues, and you mentioned something that I didn't quite agree with. I'm a Christian and I understand that God created the world in six days, and blessed and sanctified the seventh day. Making the seventh day a holy day, the day of rest. What I don't agree with is, when you said that the seventh day is a gift for Jewish people. Well, I think it's a gift for everyone. That is, anyone who is willing to accept it. Because in my understanding Adam and Eve were not Jewish. Yet God had already sanctified and blessed the seventh day, and gave the seventh day as a gift for Adam and Eve and their descendants. Therefore, making it a gift for anyone, no matter what who they are, or where they come from. If they accept God and believe in Him, and obey His commandments, that gift is for them, not only for the Jewish. Reply

Shmuel April 4, 2016

Pharoah at the Nile As for the question when Pharoah went to relieve himself at the Nile why his bodyguards didn't prevent Moses and Aaron from approaching him etc. It is very simple since Pharoah didn't want anyone to know that he relieves himself he probably told the bodyguards not to go with him then or else they would know the secret too. Reply

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