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The Tenth Plague Unplugged

The Plague of the Firstborn (‘Makot Bechorot’)

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The Tenth Plague Unplugged: The Plague of the Firstborn (‘Makot Bechorot’)

This class introduces profound nuances of biblical nouns and verbs describing the final plague of firstborn. Careful analysis of Torah terminology serves to clarify the contradictory nature of this exceptional event that directly triggered the Exodus. See how the “stroke of midnight” becomes the key to unlocking mind-blowing mysterious Midrashic stories of what instantaneously happened at midnight, and the fallout it engendered. You’ll also learn why painting “lambs blood” on doorposts was only required then; and never again to be observed.
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Ten Plagues, Death of the Firstborn

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Richard Tampa, Florida September 11, 2018

1 dimensional angels? I begin my commending Rabbi Kaplan for an excellent job of presentation. He reminds me of a concert pianist who's ability to focus on his subject is so intense the mountain of books in front of him presents no challenge. He makes it look easy. The pile of documentation suggests otherwise. Well done.

My question is about Rabbis assertion that angels are one dimensional. Hashem had to create so many of them because they were/are unable to multi-task as humans do.

Elisa is a friend of mine and a former Catholic nun who left the church for a legion of reasons. We often discuss religious matters. Elisa said the idea of 1 dimensional angels is a Catholic idea as well. She gives the same rationale for the creation of so many - that they are unable to sufficiently perform more than one task.

While Elisa is a kind gentle soul, I admit to having real problems with Catholic ideology. Why is the thing with 1 dimensional angels so similar? Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ontario September 12, 2018
in response to Richard:

Fristly, thank you for your kind words. most sincerely appreciated.

Secondly, as to you question/comment re the idea that angels are single dimensional: this concept is richly developed and documented in our Jewish Torah literature. From Scriptural origins through Midrashic commentary and in the mystical writings of the Kabbala -- profoundly elucidated by the Rishonim all in the end brilliantly illuminated by the teachings of Chassidus.

The fact that Catholic theology would follow this isn't surprising -- after all many of their doctrines were adopted from Jewish sources -- however that has absolutely no bearing on what we do or don't believe.

I hope this helps clarify things for you somewhat... Reply