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Raining Fire and Ice

The Plague of Hail (Barad)

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Raining Fire and Ice: The Plague of Hail (Barad)

Discover the devastating hail of fire and ice that rained from the heavens inaugurating a paradigm shift in Pharaoh’s Egypt. Learn fascinating facts, incredible insights, and sacred sparks that together comprise the seventh strike against the ancient Egyptian taskmasters. Learn about the original ‘shock and awe’ event, and see why this remarkable biblical narrative may be timely.
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Ten Plagues, Hail, Plague of

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alien space March 30, 2022

thank you for the video it helped alot! Reply

Douglas Coos Bay, Oregon July 1, 2019

I need some help. Can someone translate (by spelling it) plague for me from Hebrew to English. Example: plague: (Naccus) I believe is what I am hearing. My hebrew is unfortunately limited, so using the Hebrew alphabet won’t help. Thank you and Shalom.
P.S. Thank you Rabbi Kaplan, I wish I could study under you. Reply

Richard Paracka Tampa, Florida August 18, 2018

A few points of clarification Dr. Kaplan. People in Florida are generally of advanced age and we do indeed get the flu. In massive numbers we get flu. Kids too, here.

Peoples of the Americas weren't frozen in development. Pre-columbian civilization developed the suspension bridge & screw top jar. Pyramids of stone are common. A fully developed pagan religion flourished - a precursor to the Baal family of g-ds that invaded Egypt & Canaan.

Finally Jacques Cousteau, inventor of scuba and explorer of the seas discovered artifacts in South America with Hebrew writing circa 1,300 BCE. The theory has been advanced that these folk knew the science of trans-oceanic navigation. Aside from trade, they exported their religion of blood - Baals. Reply

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